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Bathroom Safety Guidelines for Family Caregivers

What to remember when your senior loved one needs to use the toilet

The elderly can be at greater risk of falls in bathrooms and toilets, and this is what family caregivers must prevent from happening. When they fall, the elderly person can get injured, which can result in even more life-threatening conditions. It’s important not to leave the elderly person alone and instead, get a provider of Home Care Services in Hanover, Maryland to provide adequate assistance.

With that, we would like to share the following safety guidelines so family caregivers can become better assistants of their senior loved ones.

  • Provide assistance in getting to the bathroom, as well as in getting on and off the toilet. Your senior loved one may find it difficult to sit down or get up due to the changes of the blood pressure when they stand or sit. Your presence can make it more manageable for them to accomplish.

  • Avoid moving them without waiting for their permission. Doing so might result in trips or falls, which are unwelcome circumstances for our aging loved one’s health. Ask their permission first when you feel that they need to be moved, while at the same time, listen and obey to their responses.

  • Keep them steady at the hips. When you’re holding your aging loved one to keep them steady, hold them at the hip area. This can reduce the risks of falling or tripping as they can easily find their balance with your hold. When you’re not around, a caregiver in Maryland can step in for you.

  • Encourage them to move on their own. Remember that to keep your movements more manageable, you have to be there to provide balance and support to their movements. This can prevent any unnecessary trip as you’re able to estimate the movements efficiently.

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