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Capable and Heart-Filled Help for Family Caregivers

“I am already my loved one’s caregiver. Why will I need Home Care Services in Hanover, Maryland?”

  • 40 Million and Growing

Taking care of a loved one with special care needs is almost always an act of love. But it’s also a responsibility rife with challenges.

According to the AARP, there are over 40 million Americans who are serving as family caregivers without pay, the majority of whom are responsible for the care needs of their aging parents or grandparents. 10% of these individuals are just in their 20s and 30s. Furthermore, about 25% of family caregivers fall in the Sandwich Generation. These are the people who find themselves taking care of someone older and someone younger simultaneously.

  • Caregiver Burnout Comes Knocking!

    The joy and fulfillment you get when you give back to the people who showered you with love and sacrificed some things to give you a good life in the past are invaluable. However, there are and will be times when their needs are more than what you can provide.

    Moreover, as a family caregiver in Maryland, you have to juggle your responsibilities with your work and personal life. In fact, more than half report about not being able to spend quality time with other family members and friends because of their piling duties. And this “all responsibility, no break” lifestyle can take its toll, leaving burnout and depression in its trail.

  • It’s Okay to Ask for Help

    Bearing the burden of caregiving on their own is one misconception most family caregivers have. But it shouldn’t have to be like that! The Royal Homecare and Staffing team wants to share that burden and lend capable, professional yet compassionate helping hands.

    We provide exceptional skilled nursing, hospice care, home care and staffing to patients and their families. It’s our goal to give them care without robbing them of their independence and giving peace of mind to their loved ones.

Caregiving is something “you don’t have to do by yourself.” It’s definitely okay to ask for help. Reach out to us today.