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Home Renovation Tips to Improve Elderly Safety

When our senior loved ones insist to age at home, we also need to realize the impending risks that they can face as they age. For this reason, we need to be proactive in monitoring their safety and ensuring that they receive assistance as much as possible.

Because we provide Home Care Services in Hanover, Maryland, we are fully aware that certain risks can be prevented when we are installing the necessary precautionary measures. For this, we would like to recommend the following renovations so that you can promote your loved one’s safety.

  • Provide Grab Bars in Entryways

    At the doorway, along the walls, and inside the restroom, there should be grab bars that your aging loved one can hold on to. These bars keep them steady if ever they feel dizzy or weak. This way, you can protect them from unwanted falls.

  • Non-Skid Mats or Carpets

    Your floor should also have non-skid mats to protect your loved one from slipping when it’s wet. Aside from these mats, you can also cover the floors with carpets so they can walk safely. However, carpets will need regular maintenance. Not to worry though as a caregiver in Maryland can help you provide housekeeping.

  • Lower Kitchen Shelves

    Your aging loved one will also love to spend their time in the kitchen to cook for the family. However, many of the usual cupboards are high for them to reach. Renovate these to be at a level very reachable for them.

  • Brighter Lighting

    Along the hallways and in the areas that your loved one frequently goes to, ensure that these have bright lighting. This way, they can easily see their way and keep away from any clutter that they can trip on.

Aside from these renovations that you will need to install, make it your priority also to ensure that your aging loved one always has a companion. A provider of home care and staffing, for instance, can provide them the assistance they need. If you’ll be in need of this service, contact us at Royal Homecare and Staffing LLC.