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Senior Care: What Happens During a Dental Exam

Attending to regular doctor’s appointments is very vital in preserving the overall health and wellbeing of our senior loved ones. One such important appointment is the dental examination. Your senior loved ones should be on top of their health by having sufficient and up-to-date knowledge of their health condition. This is also one of the important elements of dental care that we have to take note especially as we provide Home Care Services in Hanover, Maryland.

The dental exam subjects your loved one to a series of questions. Your presence can help them interpret the questions correctly and provide the right answers as needed. To help you out, here are some dental exam questions you can prepare for:

  • History and Purpose of Visit

    Your dentist will look back at your health history to verify if you have any physical ailment that can potentially trigger any dental problem. When you go meet your dentist, ensure that you know your health history, and why you’re visiting the dental clinic in the first place.

  • Oral Changes

    Your dentist will also examine any particular change that occurred in your mouth, teeth, and tongue. You can fill in the information of what you’ve felt recently so they will know what to test you with next.

  • Pain and Discomfort

    Your dentist will also ask about pain or discomfort that you may have undergone, especially with your gums, teeth, or tongue. They will also observe any particular sores or bleeding that might indicate a potential health issue.

When your dentist checks you up for your dental health, they will also go on to check other features of your face as potential signs of health problems. They will check the neck, jaw, and lymph nodes, among others. To be able to capture the information your dentist provides, have a caregiver in Maryland assist you in this appointment.

At Royal Homecare and Staffing LCC, we encourage you not to wait for any dental troubles or complaint to occur before proceeding to this appointment. Let this be a regular part of their health monitoring.