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Tips and Tricks when Conversing with the Elderly

Healthy conversations reinforce good relationships. As we provide care and assistance to our elderly loved ones at home, knowing the right words and choosing the right topics can definitely open doors to improved relationships.

As leading providers of Home Care Services in Hanover, Maryland, we offer the following tips and tricks in order to develop quality conversations with our senior loved ones. Just keep in mind that the bottom line of it all is to maintain respect and recognize their dignity every time you’re with an elderly loved one. Read on.

  • Always give your loved one your full attention. Avoid checking on your phone or dozing off when you’re in a conversation. This also means maintaining your patience when they speak at a pace that doesn’t appear fast to your preference.
  • Avoid interrupting your aging loved one so their flow of thoughts will continue. If ever you feel that an interruption receives merit, gently excuse the interruption. You can say something like, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but…”
  • Stick to one topic in the conversation so you can also have a meaningful talk. Help your loved one share about experiences that they can talk about in longer periods.
  • Look for the right place of conversation at home. With assistance from a caregiver in Maryland, nurture a peaceful environment at home where your aging loved one can enjoy conversing with you.
  • Ask questions but make sure that these are relevant and interesting to them. If your loved one doesn’t have dementia, open-ended questions can be raised. However, if they do have cognitive struggles, do ask the questions answerable by yes or no.
  • Be open to accept a different opinion as this can be very common. Your aging loved one may have their personal stand on a topic which comes differently than yours. Strive to achieve a good compromise.

So you can nurture more quality time with an elderly loved one, our home care and staffing services can be of assistance to you. Contact us at Royal Homecare and Staffing LLC if you need this form of assistance at home.