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What Can You Do to Prevent Dehydration in Seniors?

Water is an essential aspect of quality care and a healthy diet. Yet, our aging loved ones may still get dehydrated. They may not be able to get a glass of water themselves. In some instances, they may not even feel thirsty because their senses have declined.

Because of these age-related challenges, our senior loved ones are at risk of dehydration. As a provider of Home Care Services in Hanover, Maryland, we encourage you to keep watch of your loved one’s hydration.

To prevent the instance of dehydration, here are some of our recommendations:

  • Educate Family Members

    Ensure that everyone in the family knows that your loved one is at risk of dehydration. They need to do their part in ensuring that your elderly loved one has taken as much water as necessary.

  • Have an Intake Goal

    Water also needs to be taken at the right amount. Too much water in the body is also unhealthy for your aging loved one. Know how much they should drink in a day. In the ideal setting, a total of 6-9 glasses of water per day are enough.

  • Serve According to Their Preference

    To encourage our aging loved ones to drink, ask them what kind of drinks they want to have. They may have a particular preference for something to drink. However, you have to ensure that you provide them with healthy options.

  • Make Water Accessible

    When we provide care for an aging person, our caregivers in Maryland ensure that they can have quick access to drinking water. Sometimes, seniors may not think about drinking anymore because the water containers are not that easily accessible.

  • Offer Water

    So you can ensure that they have drunk water for the day, offer this to them at random points of the day. It’s alright if they don’t drink the contents of the whole glass. What’s important is they have taken at least a sip to prevent dehydration.

At ROYAL HOMECARE AND STAFFING LLC., we can help you ensure that your aging loved one stays hydrated. For help on home care and staffing assistance, inquire from us!