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Why Companionship Benefits Seniors

Companionship is one of the leading services we extend as a provider of Home Care Services in Hanover, Maryland. We know that companionship is very essential for the quality of life for seniors. But exactly how beneficial is companionship to the elderly? Read on.

  • Lives Longer

    It is a common challenge for seniors to experience empty nest. Once their children have grown up and moved on to their new life, the home can suddenly feel quiet and lonesome. When the elderly feel this sense of being alone, their loneliness can also heighten. As a result, they are prone to depression and isolation which can be life-threatening in some situations. Yet, when they have a regular company, this sense of loneliness can be lifted, and the risk to depression reduces.

  • Improved Memory

    As a home care and staffing agency, we also know that having a regular companion enables a senior person to have regular interactions. These interactions will polish and sharpen their brain so that their memory continues to enhance. Because of this, they get to remember things better as compared to when they don’t have someone to talk to. This is how companionship helps a senior person improve their memory.

  • Better Recovery

    For individuals who are also recovering from their illnesses at home, having caregivers in Maryland to accompany them can help improve their recovery rate. They have better recovery because someone can get to assist them in following through the doctor’s instructions. Also, someone can cheer them up when painful symptoms arise. The presence of another person can bring comfort, which is helpful for someone who is getting better from an illness.

Quality companionship provides the same power as nutrition and exercise. To a senior person who is feeling depressed and isolated, having a trusted companion at home can be very comforting indeed.

If you’re in need of this help for your loved one, contact us at ROYAL HOMECARE AND STAFFING LLC. We can refer you to trusted caregivers who can better attend to the care needs of your family member.

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